Guest Reviews

Mazk Nottingham

júlí 19th, 2015

This restaurant is right on the harbour so ask for a window seat. Our starters were very good indeed but the main courses were very large & in particular the fish stew (actually a dish of mashed fish with possibly onion- not really what I was expecting) was very rich. The staff are very nice and there is no rush to vacate the table

Hermeli H.

júlí 12th, 2015

Really nice in the old harbor, with a great view. Nice fish dishes,and a good childrens menu. The staff was really helpful and nice!!


maí 27th, 2015

If you have a large group, Hofnin can work with you to figure out a great menu. We were a party of 18 and they gave us three options: fish, lamb, vegetarian. I can only speak about the lamb. Although it was cooked to a standard medium it was tender and the least lambie-tasting I've ever had. It was excellent. This came with sautéed potatoes, as well as squash purée with some sautéed squash complements. In a word: delish. I did not hear about the fish although the presentation was beautiful. A colleague raved about the gnocchi on the veg plate.

Christine F

maí 26th, 2015

Loved Hofnin on our first evening in Rekjsvik - it's like and old cosy boathouse on the harbour, decor authentic to bits of yesteryear. The staff are winderful. We had the fish soup which proudly won them a medal in 2012 and I had a very hearty shrimp cocktails- no two spoonfuls of shrimp here, with lots of lettuce, it's a good size!

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